Thursday, March 22, 2012

Car Care Tips from Business in a Bucket


      Business in a Bucket, car care product's and detailing tips 

1. When cleaning the inside of your car, be sure to open the middle Console and clean in there too If you don't it will get full fast, and hey you might just find that receipt you were looking for. a friend oder my business in a bucket program of car care product's for his son and said that he found a old ring in the car he was loking for, let' say the wife is now happy with him  LOL.

2. When transporting liquids (i.e.; water, beverages, paint, baby bottles, coffee, etc…) make sure there are no leaks and lids are tight to prevent spills that cause stains on your carpets

3. Only allow children to use water based markers in vehicle as they are less likely to cause permanent marks on you'er interior.

4. When cleaning your carpets make sure car doors are open for fresh air to circulate you don't thank so, ask Bob who said he did not need all the doors open when detailing his car he is doing better now, LOL

5. When exiting your car, make sure valuables are out of sight to prevent burglary or vandalism to your vehicle i can't tell you how many times i have seen money on the seat, in the cup holder in the car next to me, don't do that folk's.
       6. Place old towels on top of carpets to avoid staining if you are going to eat or drink in your vehicle you will save money and the long run by doing this, it will also make it easy for you the next time you detail or wash your car with our car care products.

7.if you have a sunroof or moon roof make sure you close it before washing your automobile i know someone who did not do that, all that money for the detailing clean up did not need to happen

8. If your leather and cloth seats don’t look attractive anymore and you don’t have the money to repair it, I recommend seat covers. You can pick them up at an auto parts store.

9. Check your windshield wipers every 3 months to be prepared for the rainy and/or snow season and don't forget to detail your car before the snow comes.

10. If you must park your automobile under a tree that drops sap, I recommend a car cover it will help you to keep you car pristine and you will not need to wash and wax your car as much.

11. if you have yellowed  or oxidized headlight we have a product in our car care kit that can help ( Scratch out ) know need to use sandpaper with our product, a damp terry cloth towel is all you need  i  recommend that you clean your headlights every 4 months this will give you better visibility when on the road at night.
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